Celebration day


Today was one of those wonderful days were you send your husband off to work and then do what ever you like. Most of the morning was spent playing on the Twist collective website, which rocked my world. So many cute things to knit and so little time. Then it was time to go out into the world to do a little shopping/design research at my favorite boutiques and Anthropologie. God I love fall clothing and shoesssss! Wrapped up the day trip with a stop down in Kennett Square to visit the yarn shop and the fabric store. The Friday farmers market was in full swing there in town and I got some wonderful croissants and peaches. It was such a great day that I found myself fighting off sleep to stay up late, casting on the Malestrom sock from Cookie A.

In other knitting news when I said before that there were finally the right number of stitches on the needles for Liesl..... it was a lie. Only a certain knitter didn't figure this out until two or three more days of knitting. Garr!!! The sweater does look cute on so we're friends again.

In non knitting news a new obsession of mine is checking out the Emma One Sock fabric website. She has a daily update that changes often with things like "New fabrics just in from Italy. Pictures up soon." Oooooooo!!! When this feather printed cotton showed up I had to have it. It might become a dress or skirt...... or just be a precious to pet while saying pretty pretty pretty. The customer service was excellent, Linda emailed me to say she was shipping my fabrics and free swatches on Thursday and holy cow the package was there when I came home from work. It turned out she's also in PA which accounts from some of the quickness but still A+.
The swatches below are a gray knit, red wool/cashmere double cloth coating (the other side is black), cotton/linen demin, peri blue rayon/lyrca and brown cotton/lyrca suiting. Most tempting. I can see the yarn budget is going to have to be the yarn/fabric budget from now on.

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