Strangely Addictive


Watch out! It's the strangely addictive sock that "forced" me to knit it constantly for the past couple of days. And I want to cast on the second one right way! Must be the magic of Cookie A paired with some beautiful colored yarn.

Pattern- Maelstrom from the twist collective
Yarn - Spirit Trial Fiberworks sport weight Helen, in color Lock Ness

This yarn was a recent loopy ewe purchase and I was feeling a bit guilty about it last week. Not anymore looking at how great the colorway knit up in this pattern. Maelstrom starts you out with an easy to remember leg pattern and once you start getting a bit bored there's a leg chart to follow. Love it so much that I'm thinking about knitting it again in another sportweight yarn.

A good deal of this sock was completed because my husband talked me into going on a road trip to a "nearby" winery. It turned out to be over and hour away and I was reminded why knitting is a good hobby.... long road trips just mean more knitting gets done.

My husband also omitted one more thing.... that Twin Brooks mascot is a frog. Had I known a camera would have been in my pocket book to make the employees pose with my frogs and the sock. (There were frog toys all over the tasting room) Come to think of it maybe that's why he didn't say anything.

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  1. Sounds like an eventful road trip (knitting done) and frogs awaited you! Beautiful socks! Gotta check out the pattern and yarn!


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