Vacation knitting


Knitting and vacations go together like peas and carrots.... for example your DH says he wants to go to see the Reading Phillies play a minor league baseball game. No problem, you bring a plain knit in the round sock and suddenly it doesn't matter that the pitchers pitch as many balls as strikes.
DH got some action knitting shots...

then provided little loopy with a good seat. We all thought it was funny that the starting pitcher's last name was Bastardo. (Many bad jokes were made)

After the R-Phils were victorious we enjoyed a very good fireworks display.

The next day we went to Hershey park and rode all the roller coasters until we couldn't stand up straight. The lines were pretty good but the sock came in handy on the newest coaster with an hour wait. As you can see it's much bigger now.

On the last day in the area we went to Hershey gardens, which were so interesting that the sock did not come out of the bag. The gardens did provide a lovely backdrop for some of my finished knits which will appear on the blog soon. Here's a little teaser.

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