Love Me Some Jackets


I've got an FO for everyone today, only it's a sewing FO. Back a couple of months ago the gorgeous fabrics blog turned me on to a new website with free sewing patterns, Their jackets were to die for, but since it's a foreign mag all the directions were in Portuguese. This struck me as an interesting challenge. After all in this day and age we have the internet with handy dandy translation sites. The jacket could be mine!
Long story short, the web translation was almost readable. But on the plus side the sewing symbols seemed to be standard. I'd made patterns in college so surely my brain was equal to the task of putting together this Portuguese jacket.

With a statement like that it should have all ended with disaster. Only it didn't. Maybe everybody gets one. :)

Here's a close of up the collar
B Collar Close up

Back View
Burda Jacket back

And the full front
Burda Jacket front

Now I've got the fever and the only prescription for it is..... more jackets!


  1. WOW I love this jacket! I think I downloaded this pattern actually, someone had linked to it on BurdaStyle... you've done an AMAZING job, it's just gorgeous.

  2. Love It! You did a great job. I will try my hand at translating using the internet of course.


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