The Only Sunshine I'm Getting.....


.... would be the sunshine top. Weather wise it's been almost 3 solid months rain. Sure we get a day or two of sun occasionally but mostly it's like monsoon season. So when I'm not out "working on my rain tan" you'll find me behind the sewing machine whipping out one of these sunshine tops. Here's a little parade of the versions that have been created so far.

First off have "Tentacled Awareness."*
cute octo
Printed cotton jersey purchased from ebay seller fabricjunkees

Next "Opaque Seduction."*
with layer
11 0z Rayon spandex jersey purchased from

And Last "Flock of Gulls." (Fat pigeon was lured into the shot)
Printed cotton jersey purchased from ebay seller Ruth Hale Fabrics.

All these photos where made possible by my new little toy, the Joby gorillapod. I was looking for an inexpensive tripod so that my dear husband didn't have to be badgered for photos all the time. Came across this on the site and it seemed to meet my needs. The little bendy legs on stand have come in handy with outdoor shoots. I can wrap it onto one of the fences and wander around below it. Inside sitting the gorillapod on top of the TV like a regular tripod works well for taking pictures of tops. Now if we could only get some sun...... sigh.

* First two photos named by my friend Sam Maffei, someone who is much more clever than I can claim to be.


  1. Love the tops, and they look great on you!

  2. What a gorgeous pattern. Fantastic fabric choices. Are you taking custom orders? ;)


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