Smitten Kitchen Envy


I'm turning into a Smitten Kitchen addict. It starts with trying just a recipe or two but quickly turns into a slippery slope where you find yourself making a special trip to the grocery to buy unflavored gelatin.

Because you have to have unflavored gelatin to make marshmallows from scratch.
super smores

And if your making marshmallows from scratch then you might as well make graham crackers from scratch two.

super smore 2

Add a couple of Hersey bars and you've some delicious s'mores. But honestly the graham crackers are so damn good you could finish off a batch of them alone.

On the crafty side I'm sewing this free jacket pattern from Manequim.
Picture 2

It will be in the dark gray denim left over from this skirt.
Denim Skirt

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