Too many plans, not enough garments


As the blog post says I have lots and lots of plans for the month. OK, I ALWAYS  have lots and lot of plans for the month, mostly cause my sewing brain likes to plot continuously. "What are we going to do tonight Brain?  Same thing we do every night, Try to Sew Up All The Fabric!" (cue theme music)

My usual method to keep things under control is to have only 3-4 projects cut out at once. Maybe less if one of them is a larger project like a coat. The long term power outage blew all that to shreds, making me cut out oodles of stuff.  Now I'm awash in plastic baggies and I can't seem to stop my rotary blade.  "Feed me fabric, Feed me all night long! Nom Nom Nom!"  Can I use my rotary blade's addiction as an excuse to buy more fabric?  No? Crap.

Anyway here is what is on my sewing sideboard right now.
1. Pair of Maria Denmark Lounge Pants - found I had extra fabric left over so I made....
2. Yet another pair of Winter PJ's - Some times I wish I was my son with a whole wardrobe of Lillestoff PJ's
3. Kitschy Coo Mini Penny Dress - I'm starting to feel that my youngest niece will grow out of the size of my fabric scraps if I don't act soon.
4. Pattern hack of the Kitschy Coo Penny Pinafore to turn it into a zip front hoodie - I wanted a fitted hoodie and though, "Hey that Penny Pinafore might work great." So far it's looking good.

5. Bluegingerdoll Stella turned into a shift dress for Blue February - have to refit a smaller size so it's a bit more work than it would be.  I've got a cute idea that I hope works out.

6. Kitschy Coo Skater dress - Same scrap concerns as the mini penny.  Also girls dresses are super fun to sew. I will milk it until she says NOOOO!

7. Pajama Eater for my older niece - "Where are my feet?!"
8. Oliver + S Raglan shirt - half cut, I have to work out adding some rib cuffs cause my contrast fabric is just a touch too short.

9. Renfrew for my sister - Everyone should have one right?

10. Fiddlesticks Patrick Raglan - 1/4 cut cause I don't know which fabric to put with it. OK I know what I should put with it but I want to keep it for myself.
11. Jamie Jeans muslin #2 - I don't really want to fit pants....but I need pants. The cycle of pants fitting hate continues. Damn't Nathan Fillian, why won't you tell me the number you are currently thinking of!

12. The quilt. - Hey are you gonna sew any more blocks Heather? Or just keep buying fat quarters.....I think we all know the answer to that.
There are also a bunch of printed out PDF patterns taking up my brain space.  You lot behave! You're only there in case of more weather created emergencies. I can still hear them chittering like squirrels.

Sighhhhh, could someone please send Mr. Miyagi over to help me focus?  I hear he runs a pretty good car detailing services too.  "Wax on, wax off.


  1. Ughhhhhhhhh, I feel the same way- I just can't concentrate on my projects because I have too many ideas right now! Blerg! I'm also feeling tons of pressure to use up fabric since I finally tallied it all up. Yikes bikes!

  2. I'm overwhelmed just reading this - but then I have a low tolerance for things in process. For example, I'm trying to finish a sweater and sew some pants and the combo is making me crazy. Apparently, you're a serious multitasker.

  3. I feel ya. I've got so many projects running through my brain, but not enough time strung together to actually *do* anything. By the time I get my machine turned on and the stitch settings set, the baby is screaming about who-knows-what. OK, so it's not quite that bad, but it's close...

    I suggest starting with the quilt. Get it finished because it's a space hog, and is the most tedious thing on your list. Then once you've got that out of the way you can get back to the fun stuff as your reward. :-)

  4. Hey Ginger,
    I'm feeling the same way right now. This is when I go to my list and think one project at a time, one at a time. Sometimes I pick several easy ones I know I can knock out quickly so things don't feel so overwhelming.

  5. Oh Heather.... you have infected me and I am trying my hardest to resist cutting all the things! I have three tops cut out, another one I discovered and a Pavlova top I procrastinated a year on...
    Love your quilt fabrics and all the lillestoff. Don't even get me started on pants fitting. I'm way behind on that boat as my pathetic saggy denim pants testify.

  6. I usually can have two things going at once, but no more or I get completely overwhelmed but you're just knocking things out right and left! I do wish I had more time to make some kind of dent in my very long sewing wish list.

  7. Thank goodness it's not just me who has to tell my brain to focus and put sewing thoughts on hold. Want to make all the things all the time!

  8. Shell from SewEnSowFebruary 13, 2014 at 6:17 AM

    I churn through a full box of projects, then the rotary cutter gets hungry again & its full again! I like it that way though, those little baggies of organisation please me very much! Love your knits, are those lounge pants for you? The coolest ever!

  9. I make one project from start to finish at a time, if I have more than one lying around, my brain gets confused and I might end up spending the entire day in bed, only getting up to feed my hungry monsters. It's best if I avoid that mess...

  10. I wish it was easier to focus on what you really "want" to sew and not all the possibilities. Was the fabric tally scary? I'm not even going to attempt mine.

  11. Confession - I thought making the list would make me feel less overwhelmed but it had the opposite affect. Oops. I think it's better to focus on a few things at a time, two projects sounds really good about now.

  12. That is hard! If only the old brain would take a break when your sewing time is low.

  13. Cut, cut, cut, all the thingssss. Now wait, don't do that. We're gonna sew some of the things first. We can do it. After that we'll worry about saggy pants.

  14. Three really is my max for not feeling overwhelmed. Unless the 4th is just an easy knit project that can be knocked out in a few hours. After this glut of projects are done I'm gonna be like you and keep it down to two.

  15. All the things!!! We just need to be independently wealthy.

  16. You are of the "mass cutting" party of sewcialists. :) I kind of wish I was wired that way cause it seems more efficient.
    The lounge pants are for me!!!! I'm just a big kid when it comes to things worn only around the house.

  17. Yeah Patterns! Yeah Renfrew!! Yeah productivity!!! Man, now I really feel useless for not accomplishing anything. Ah well, where was I in my trashy novel...


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