What I did and didn't wear this year


First off let me apologize for disappearing right in the middle of the Christmas dress series.  The germs found me and I had to let go of all my grand December blogging plans. Life does like to mess up your plans, doesn't it? The good news is that the Christmas dress did get finished on time and I promise to continue the series in January.

Today I wanted to do a year in round up of sorts. My original plan was to do Gillian's top 5 lists, but with all the germs and visiting relatives the time got away from me.  Instead I'm going to do a variation on that theme and give you some lists of my own. So grab some refreshments and find out what I really wore this year,

Patterns/Garments I was excited about and then never wore.
1. By Hand London - Flora Dress
I looooved sewing this dress. I love the fabric and looking at photos I still think it's a flattering garment. However it was never worn during the summer.  Last week I put it on to wear with tights and sweater and immediately took to back off again. The problem is the skirt length. Above the knee just isn't for me. I like plenty of length for bending over and to have my knees covered.

I had high hopes for this hack and instead sewed up a dress that didn't appeal to me at all. Oops. I'm starting to think that while I love piping details on other people, it might be something that doesn't work on me.

I have no idea why this dress never got worn.  "Maybe" the full skirt seemed less flattering than my other wardrobe choices?  Who knows! There were other garments that didn't get worn, but most of them I would chalk up to my changing taste in clothing.

Patterns/Garments I thought weren't my style but then got worn to death
If you had told me last year that I'd happy wear a bodysuit in 2014 I would have laughed in your face. Full out cackling with maybe some pointing in your general direction.  "HAA HAA HAA! You don't know me at all." Well the joke is on me because Nettie turned out to be one of my TNT's for the year. I'm wearing one right now while typing this blog post. It turns out that if a body suit doesn't give you a constant wedgie, like the ones in the 80's did, then they are really comfortable to wear.  I also found them to coordinate well with all the skirts in my closet. 

I've never been a big fan of skirts with gathers at the waist, because more bulk in the area always seemed unflattering.  However when I won a copy of the Emery pattern from Jennifer there was no reason not to try it out.  On Emery the amount of fabric that gets gathered at the waist is significantly less than vintage patterns. For me this worked out great and I found myself wearing these skirts often during the summer.

As I stated back in the original review, maxi dresses aren't my thing and I only bought this pattern long after the fact for the bodice. Then I went and made this pattern out of one of my "precious" Etsy purchases and fell in the love with it.  The dress is a "having a good hair day" sort of garment since it screams for attention. HELLOOO, I'm red and dramatic!   However I did wear it many times during the summer and was sad to pack it away when the cold temps set in.  (Side note - the origin story for the Tiki Goddess was probably the most fun I had writing this year.)

Patterns/Garments that I knew were gonna be awesome and were. ;)
Pencil skirts and I go together like peas and carrots.  I love both the silhouette and find then comfortable to wear when made up in stretch wovens.  So it's no surprise that the Betsy pencil skirt is my other big TNT of the year.  At this time I've made 5 of them and still have plans for more. This denim version with the pleated kick pleat is my favorite out of the bunch.

I fell in love with this pattern at first sight and knew exactly what fabric to use. Lucky for me the finished dress turned out just how I'd imagined.  It's pretty, comfortable and rates as one of my top makes for the year. I put it away for the summer, but missed it so much that it go dug back out and wore it with sweaters and tights. Never leave me again Lea dress. 

How could it not be in the year in wrap up? It is the dress to end all dresses! OK, I'm a little biased since the fabric will always be amazing and because the dress did win me some Dolly Clackett swag. Thanks Roisin!
This dress was one of those projects where the fabric tells you what to do and you just follow instructions. At the end of it you've had some fun but are some what amazed that you had anything to do with the dress. "Did I just make this....Sweet!"
I don't wear this dress as much as the other things in my list.  It's on the fancy side and the I don't have lower shoes that match as well as the 4" grape heels. (I love me a pretty shoe, but I'm not grocery shopping in 4" heels)  Despite that this dress will always be a favorite because it was made for a great reason, the Dolly Clackett sew-a-long to celebrate Roisin's wedding. 

Hope you enjoyed my little year end wrap up. Personally I like to find out what things really get worn after the initial, "I made this!!" feeling wears off. It's also a good reminder for me that trying patterns that that I initially wrote off sometimes yields great results.

In closing I still feel very blessed to have met so many like minded people through sewing and blogging. If if wasn't for this blog and social media I wouldn't have anyone to discuss patterns, fabric hoarding, fitting and the like. Thank you for reading and commenting through out the year. I hope that all of you a happy and productive 2015. 


  1. I love all of those and understand and agree with it all. You know yourself and your style well but you also had a good year for surprising yourself with a few things. =)

    Add a longer black petticoat or band to the bottom of that first dress and wear it!

    Yay for online sewing friends! Happy New Year, Heather!

  2. Oh germs! Glad you're feeling better again.
    I love seeing what does and doesn't get worn. Always enlightening. I'm so glad the poppy dress made it in. You look great in all of them but it's my favorite!

  3. Thanks for being one of the sewing bloggers who most often made me laugh in 2014! Not only do you have wicked style and sewing skills, but you also have Des, and let's face it, he's a wit and a charmer. Happy 2015!

  4. Hey now, lets not lose that Fauxneta! cardy, tights, accessories, its a great little neutral to play off of!

  5. Your hits are so fabulous! The Anna dress and the poppy dress are particular favorites of mine. Looking at this whole group of outfits together, your Fauxneta sticks out- it's a much more washed-out color than you're wearing in any of the other pics. I wonder if that's why you don't love it?

  6. Helen // Grosgrain GreenJanuary 1, 2015 at 4:26 PM

    As far as I'm concerned, you always have a good hair day!!! :)

  7. Fantastic round up! I'm surprised that you didn't wear the Fauxneta more...I love that dress as well as the maxi....Gorgeous!! Happy New Year lady!

  8. Great round up! I'm surprised that you didn't wear the Fauxneta more...I love that dress. I'm also a HUGE fan of the Tiki dress.. Awesomeness. Happy New Year lady!

  9. We managed to escape the pre-christmas germs... but I'm sure we'll get a bout of it at some point this winter! You could post that Dolly Clackett dress every day and I'd never tire of it. Love your roundup!

  10. Love your awesome makes. Do also love the first dress. I know what you mean about length, but it think it looks gorgeous! Happy new year and thanks for making me smile and laugh as well this year!

  11. I love the painterly poppy dress! Awesome fabric placement.

  12. Oh...the germs got me too! Stupid germs!
    I am loving the recap post! You made some awesome garments this year Heather! I love the Lea dress too!!
    I have had so much fun reading your blog and following along with you. You inspire me all the time! Looking forward to more in 2015! Happy New Year!

  13. Thanks Brooke, Happy New year to you too. I'll keep the Flora around and see if I can't mix it with a solid.

  14. Thanks Emily! Not sure I can ever top the Poppy dress. It just makes me happy looking at it.

  15. Awww thanks Jenny. I'll have to keep the Desmond antics up to date on instagram. He is an endless source of silliness and fun. Hope you have a great new year.

  16. Thank you Melanie. Hope that 2015 has lots of great makes for you as well. :)

  17. I promise not to relegate it to the donation bin just yet. So I get the feeling that you're giving me permission to buy more cardigans. I'll love you forever if that's true!

  18. Thanks Sonja!
    I did wonder about the muted color myself after seeing it in the grouping. Hmmmmm, that very well could be it.

  19. Thanks so much Carolyn. I feel like the maxi Anna really lived up to the fabrics full potential. That always feels good. :)
    Hope you have a great new year.

  20. Haa haa! Thanks Helen. Occasionally I sleep on it funny but it is mostly well behaved.

  21. Thank you Heather. It's been super fun getting to know you too this year. Have a great 2015

  22. Thank you Gail. That fabric....not sure if there will be anything better. :)

  23. Thanks Margo. It kind of surprised me that I didn't wear the Fauxneta more. Gonna keep it around for a bit longer and see if I just need some bright accessories to go with it.

    Excited to see what you're gonna sew up this year.

  24. Thanks Lisa. I hope those winter germs stay away from you for a while yet. But those kids do like to bring them home. Need protective bubble. :)
    Happy sewing in 2015.

  25. Thanks so much. I'm glad that you enjoyed all the silliness over the year.
    Have a happy and productive new year.

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