Plans for 2009


1. Knit more sweaters
Knitting sweaters is the most rewarding type of project for me. So much so I'd like to devote most of my knitting time in 2009 to fill up my sweater drawer. Joining the NaKniSewMoDo over on Ravelry seemed like a great way to have a pseudo goal of knitting 12 sweaters and doing it with a bit of company. Part of the plan is to use some of the really nice stashed yarn to knit some of those sweaters. To "put my money where my mouth is" I cast on a CPH with the Mountain Mohair purchased at last years Maryland sheep and wool. It's going well.
CPH detail

2. Take a card from spinners and set a day aside for sewing
I'm going to make Sundays for Sewing for a bit to see if some of the stashed material can be converted into clothing. The thought that it would be super cool to have half of my wardrobe made by hand has been rattling around in my brain for awhile. It seems though that knitting always trumps sewing because no tables need to cleared or machine carried around and set up. Maybe scheduling some time will help me get my ass in gear. Here is some wool from the grandmother stash that might make a nice pencil skirt..... if there's enough yardage.

3. Knit some more socks for my husband
Now that Christmas is over my husband is in possession of his hand knit socks and deemed them excellent. Then he said, "I might want some more." Woolgirl then had an end of the year sale so I picked up some Hazel knits in Weekend Warrior and two manly sock patterns from Knitspot Pave Sock and Spectator Sock. Pave is the one catching my eye right now, so the spectators might get saved for another yarn.

Weekend Warrior


  1. Hey, someone to share my NaKniSweMoDo insanity with!

    And I *heart* that plaid fabric.

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