Knitting like everyone else.


Can knitting a Central Park Hoodie be considered a right of passage? That seems so much more glamorous then admitting you knit what everyone else does.
CPH front
So here's the skinny.

Most of this sweater is a size 36 but after looking at the schematic the hip width looked a little small. So I cast on for the next size up and did decreases up to the waist until the finished stitch count matched size 36. Good choice. The finished sweater is a little roomy but not so much that it makes me look "chunky." (A word that should only be used on candy bars and ice cream packaging.)
CPH side
I can not recommend Green Mountain Spinnery's mountain mohair enough. Yes, it's not a next to the skin yarn and you'll have to pick out plenty of straw, but those are only petty arguments. The colors are deep and beautiful, it feels like a well wearing yarn and I can personally attest to it making a super warm sweater. Mmmm cozy sweater.
CPH back 2
That's 3 completed sweaters for NaKniSewMoDo and I'm motoring away on a fourth. It's almost enough to make a knitter cockily think knitting 12 sweaters is totally doable. That is until the sock yarn gets even by smothering me. Back sock yarn, BACK!
CPH back


  1. That's REALLY cute!

    I can't believe you already have 3 completed sweaters... Nice work.

  2. Wow! Good job! I started one, but haven't touched it for months. My sock yarn has control right no. I've finished 4 socks this year already!


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