Baby Knitting Hooray!


The blog can finally announce that a nephew or niece will be joining my extended family sometime in November. Hooray! My inner knitter is cackling with glee over all the potential baby knits that could be produced, oh the mind swims with possibilities.

However the practical side of the the brain tells me to keep it simple and not swamp a poor non-knitter with a boat load of wool. To that end I give you the Baby Chalice Blanket.
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted Multi is your friend.

Many thanks to Lykkefanten for giving Ravelry this lovely free pattern. I was very taken with her sample knit in Huron colorway and decided to make mine the same. Since the pattern has the lace repeat written out line by line, I used the orangellous chart generator to create my own chart. If you do this I recommend creating the chart, printing out a copy and then use a highlighter to mark where the lace repeat is. After a few repeats you'll probably have the pattern memorized anyway.

You know you want to squish my garter borders.

To complete the recommended 9 lace repeats and the garter edge I needed an extra skein of yarn bringing the total up 3. This was probably due to a slightly smaller row gauge. The finished blanket measures 24 x 37 but probably could have been blocked a bit wider. The amount of floor space available for a blanket to sit drying for a few days turned out to be rather narrow.

If you're looking to knit a great unisex blanket in the immediate future I'd highly recommend this pattern. The lace is easy to knit, the garter boarders add the perfect touch, and Shepard's Worsted has to be one of the best feeling yarns I've very had my hands on.

frog on blanky
Frog tested, Frog approved.

As you can see Frog can't keep his mitts off of it either.


  1. That blanket is absolutely adorable. Love the color variatio with the Lorna's Laces.

  2. I love the blanket! Great pairing of variegated yarn and lacy pattern. This pattern has been in my queue for a while -- I think I need to cast on soon.


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