Sewing Goals for 2012


1. Catalog the stash
What I really want is a Ravelry type stash page for fabric, but unless I get some magic genie wishes that isn't going to happen. After losing a couple of digital databases I'm going old school with a swatch book. Thanks to Sew Weekly I'm ready to start having printed out some of their lovely swatch cards.

2. Sew more from the stash
Let's be truthful, I should sew only from the stash but the thought of not buying any pretty new fabric makes me a little stabby.  The plan right now is to alternate sewing one garment from stash and the next from new purchases.  We'll see how long that lasts.

3. Educate myself more
I've been sewing a long time, but frankly some of the stuff I don't know is embarrassing.  Like matching needle sizes to fabric, just found out about that a couple of months ago.  I thought I knew how to press correctly but Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics showed me that I know nothing.  This week I was having a horrible time stitching in the ditch.  Guess what, there's a foot for that.  But you knew that didn't you. :)

4. Try new things
Once you can semi-competently sew clothing in certain fabrics it easy to stay in that comfort zone. 
I'd like to branch out and try some things that look difficult.  Maybe sew up that georgette in the stash or take a stab at bra-making.

5. Add a little more color into my wardrobe.
At heart I'll always be a girl who loves black, gray and denim but I'm getting a little bored with all my neutrals.  A few brightly colored tops might add a little pizazz while still coordinating with my beloved neutrals.

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