Post Holiday Supplies Hull


JoAnn's is having a sale on pretty much every pattern company except Simplicity.  Got up early and managed to score everything on my wish list. Victory!   Simplicity goes on sale next week on the 12th so I'llll be baaaaack.
Dresses, shirts, dresses, coats and more dresses.
 Mail man also delivered me some pretties,  roll ends from the hot patterns etsy store.

All knits that will probably turn into Renfrew tops.

Also interfacing and elastic from Pam at Fashion Sewing Supply .  If you aren't buying your interfacing from Pam, then you should be. All her interfacing is excellent but my favorite is her Pro-tricot for knits.

On the actual sewing front it's muslin madness!  Scout tee, Thurlow shorts, Easy Kimono Sleeve dress, vintage Advance 9440, and Burda 109 from issue 5/2010. I blame pattern review and their pattern stash contest for half of this mess.  The rest is just my brain getting distracted by something new and shiny... oooohhhhh what's that!

Make us into real garments already!

Either I'm going to have a lot finished garments in the near future or more muslins to join my muslin grave yard.  Gonna cross my fingers and hope for the best.


  1. Hi I was wandering if the Advance 9440 pattern was still available

  2. I'm not offering the Advance 9440 for sale. Sorry.


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