Planning for Fall


The last couple of days I've been happily window shopping to figure out what fall trends to include in my fall sewing plan. The fact is that I need pants in my size and long sleeve T-shirts to replace the grease stained V-necks I've been wearing for 4+ years.  But all that is pretty bland sewing so here's a few fun pieces I'm thinking of making to spice things up.

1. Slim blazers
Love these little blazers that are more fashion forward than something that belongs in a matching pantsuit.  The one pictured has a leather collar which seems like the perfect thing to knock off now that I've got leather sewing "experience."  This is actually one area where I was thinking ahead and have just finished McCalls 6519 in a long stashed navy suiting.  Will be posting about it soon.
I also have a muslin cut out of Salme's Cropped Blazer pattern.   Hoping this will look cute on me since since about 7 different suitings were found in that last stash dive. 

2. Dolmen sleeve knit tops

Dolmen sleeve tops might be one of those trends I can't pull off but I'm gonna try.  They look so comfy and yet fashionable at the same time.

JoAnn's was having a sale on Burda patterns I so picked up 7203 which has a woven dolmen top.

What I probably should do is get out the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern and draft a dolmen sleeve onto it.  If this happens I'll show you how to do it.

3. Skinny jeans
Not as skinny as this model's jeans cause I'm not a size 4, but something that's a departure from the boot legs I've been wearing for years.

Last winter I played around with the Colette clover pattern to make into a skinny jean with some success.  The fit wasn't quiet right so it's probably time to take another stab at that.

I also picked up Vogue 8774 which has good reviews on PR, but I'm sure will need all my laborious pant alterations.
Those are the patterns I'm eyeing at the moment but as we all know sewing queues tend to change often.  Tomorrow I'll be pics of my finished McCalls 6519 and some details on how I "classed it up." 


  1. I'm loving the collar treatment on that throw-on Salme jacket-ette! Super gorgeous. I'm going through a blazer phase at the moment... have to keep restraining myself from buying fabric and patterns because, well... there's only so much you can sew in a space of time unfortunately. Otherwise I'd probably have about 25 blazer-thingies by now!

    1. I know what you mean about a blazer phase poppykettle. Sewing blazers makes you want to sew more blazers!


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