January goal check and February plans


It's the last day of January and how we doing on those beginning of the year sewing goals?  Pretty darn good!  Seven garments made from stash (sexy dress not blogged yet, STILL waiting for undergarments, grrrrrr) and a few small projects also made from stash.  Let's all do the happy dance.

I'm thoroughly enjoying the Stashbusting sew-a-long group on flickr.  It's never too late to join us......One of Us, One of us.

Plans for February....so far
1. Enter the PR RTW knock off contest and knock off this cute nightgown.
Got my materials all ready, I didn't have enough yardage in a solid color in the stash so this was a new purchase. Oooooooo bad, not really it was cheap.  Planning on using the Tiramisu pattern from sewing cake as my pattern hacking base. 
Model knit from high end fabrics on ebay.  Lace from Mary not Martha on Etsy.

2. Make this easy peasy kimono sleeve coat.
I muslined it up last year and then got distracted by something else and never got it made up.  Purchased some faux chinchila on sale in December so I guess that's not really stash either.  Maybe I should stop patting myself on the back about using stash.
Pet me!
3. Speaking of stash the monthly theme for the stashbusting sew-a-long is Love.... meaning sew something for someone else.  I have an old high school friend who is always complementing me on my FO pics and hinted she'd love a clutch.  A clutch she shall have, just need to decide what awesome scraps to use.

4. Finish knitting up my cashmere beret.  Ummm this was supposed to be done this month but things don't get done if you don't work on them. It is stash......just not fabric stash.
Can you see the checkerboard pattern? I can't either.
5. Finish my bra kit and make some more once the kinks are worked out.  
This week I seemed to get the fitting problems fixed on my bra muslin and thought I could bust out the real one yesterday.  Didn't happen that way.  Let's just say elastic is a trixsy snitch. I might have also decided to change a bunch of things mid project as I'm wont to do.  Got a lot more black on black seam ripping still to do.   Still its a mostly fun experience and I want to make more.....lots and lots more.

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