Vintage Pledge July - My Hollywood Love Affair


Hello All,  I've just gotten back from spending a week camping.  Camping you say, what sort of jaunty tilt hat do you wear to go hiking? The answer is that you have the option of one that looks like a tiny Daniel Boone hat or a miniature pith helmet.  All jokes aside the boy had a great time and that's what's important.  I'm still happy to be back in the A/C with my internet connection. Hooray for progress!

In other news, I was flattered to be asked to be one of the bloggers featured during the VP July extravaganza. Froggie assures me that no one was bribed with cookies to make this offer. He made sure to put all the cookies in his stomach instead of the mail box.  It's a good thing he sews pretty hems or else he might find himself in the mail box.  Jokes on me though, he's just mail himself to Grandpa at the beach who will let him hang out with the toy monkeys. (I'm not making this part up. The toy monkeys are real!)

Anyway, head on over to Kestrel Makes to see all the details on Hollywood 1412. Oh Hollywood patterns, you complete me.

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