Coraline gets her glamour shots


Many thanks to my better half who came up with the idea to visit Chanticleer gardens and then took many sweater pictures for me. We had a freaky hot day of 80 degrees so I would throw Coraline on, model for a few mins, then stash the sweater in my bag until the next photo op. Now let's let the pictures do the talking.

The final measurements of my Coraline are:
Length -22"
Bust - 34"
Waist - 32"
Hip - 37"
Sleeve length - 12.5"
Sleeve diameter - 11"
I put two buttons on the sleeve cuff using the same sewn buttonholes as are on the center front. The buttons are from VintageNecessities, small glass shanks that are the same size but have different patterns on them. Many many thanks to Marin for finding me a couple more buttons so that there were enough for my sweater.

There was also a little sock knitting but it's a bit hard standing up..... lounging in a chair is much better. :)


  1. Your Coraline looks great!

  2. Oh my goodness. That's a beautiful sweater.

  3. Make one for your sister, you know you want to. hee hee hee

  4. This is gorgeous, I love the colour and I much prefer the shaping to the original.

  5. Hi, I linked over from Ysolda's blog. I love how this came out - and the color is perfect! I might just end up making it after all. Congrats on a great FO.

  6. Linked from Ysolda's blog too... small world! Chanticleer is not far from where I work in Landenberg, PA! Love your Coraline - it's in my list of things to do, and your mods are lookin' great... Thanks for sharing your mods :)


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