Liar Liar pants on fire


I promise to talk a little more about Coraline when there are proper glamour shots of the finished sweater. I’m attempting to bribe my husband with a “nature outing” (he loves those) in order to get those pictures but he is being very wily. Maybe a few chocolate bars will get me some where.
Instead I’m flashing a pic of a little spring sock action. Doesn’t everyone want to knit something green now? The pattern is Lily of Valley and the yarn Hazel knits in Shady Verdant, which is a bit darker than pictured. Found out about Jeanie Townsend through the sock knit down 2008 group over on Ravelry. She has several appealing sock patterns so check her out.

First time I’ve knit nups which happen to be the only hard thing about this pattern. After playing with all those nup stitches for 15 mins it became clear that there was not physically possible to knit through the back loop of 5 stitches at the same time. So I played around until deciding that all the stitches could be slipped to the right needle and then dropped off one by one. A feeling of being really smart lasted a few moments before I finally noticed that the sock directions clearly stated, “to knit slip all stitches to right needle and drop off one at a time.” Doh, I will have to console myself with my own chocolate bars.


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