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I've been getting a lot of love from fellow knitters on the Coraline FO this week and I want to say you guys are awesome! On Thursday Ysolda kindly posted a link on her blog letting readers know about my Coraline variation. Several people clicked through and were very generous in the comments. So thank you all (and a special thanks to bookwoman and ellen who are always dropping by and commenting, I send you hugs).
One more thing about Ysolda, she really does a great job on making her patterns easy to follow and giving a lot of pictures of the finished product. She did all the hard work which is why this sweater turned out so nice.

Right now I'm knitting the mate to the purple sock shown in the last post. Just in case Jen sells the patterns in the future it's the Reina sock. I'd rather be knitting a new sock, but experience tells me that a mini freak out will occur if there are more than 2 single socks floating around my in table. Actually two mini freak outs will occur. The first would be mine, stressing myself out about unfinished projects and the second will be my husband's over the in table.
Since my husband has left for the day with the camera it might be time to publicly out my dirty little secret...... the in table of horror. There are two in tables in my house, the one on the left contains a neat pile of folders and magazines. Right now there is even a pair of headphones with the cord neatly wrapped up sitting on top the the pile. (I've never wrapped up a cord in my life) The right one is a obsessive compulsives nightmare. Open skeins of sock yarn lay on top of pattern books and mailing envelops. Half finished projects droop from the top shelf to the bottom. Random needles are strewn about missing their packages and odd balls are never put away. This pic is from last year but the only difference is the yarn colors and patterns currently strew about. I do pick up but the table always returns to this state, really the yarn must be to blame. (Or how about elves, would your spouse buy that?)

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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one with a "yarn-splosion" corner.


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