The end of an era


Goodbye twenties, I enjoyed the last couple years the most. They bought me my husband, my frog, and knitting; all of which make my life good. I'm hoping my 30's bring me a nice little house and some mini Beckleys but not with the name Becky Beckles Beckley or Otto (you hear that honey).
What the mails brings me is a sock club package which is like a gift from my Doppelganger... but really it's from Jen at Woolgirl. I love this yarn, it looks like the color of hydrangea in the neighbor's yard. The cards are pictures of the yarn skeined and knit up in the sock club pattern. It boggles my mind! Rounding out the package is a pen (so you can write your cards of course), a stitch marker, and a zipper pouch.
This club I went with the sport weight preference instead of fingering so these little babies knit up fast. Sooo pretty.

Thanks everyone for leaving nice comments about my Coraline. I wear it a couple times a week and people at work joke that I'm more productive at lunch.


  1. Happy Birthday!

    The 30s are a lot of fun.

  2. Happy belated birthday! You are still a young pup!!

    Gorgeous sock! What sock club is that from? Love the goodies that came with the yarn!


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