Get 'er done


One little red baby sweater for my very nice non knitting friend. Just in time to since their little girl was born last Wednesday. She's very cute with lots of hair.
A couple of weeks back I had a big knitting push it get this done but ran out of yarn with only one side of th
e button band to go. Lucky the baby decided to be overdue a week which gave me enough time to order more. This sweater got finished off with pretty looking vintage buttons from my grandma's stash (Boy does she have a stash!) The knit picks Swish yarn needs a good steam pressing after blocking. But it does look very nice after that. I still don't think I can knit with it again, the hand just feels nasty. Too bad since the price is inexpensive and the colors very pretty.

Let's talk about yarn I really like instead. This month I got two new skeins of sock yarn that were not club packages. They both rock! Frog has graciously agreed to be our sock yarn Vanna White and show off the new purchase. The gray color was dyed by Funky Carolina and is called Platinum. It is that shiny. Love love love me some gray yarn. The brown color is by Hazel knits and she gets her base yarn specially milled for her. I don't know what they do, but that yarn feels great. The color Chocolatier is much nicer in person. Some non knitters drooled over it, so you know it looks good. Hazel Knits has many many pretty colors so go buy some on Etsy.
These two aren't getting put in the stash drawer. Frog and I will snuggle with them while watching TV and think about the beautiful socks we are going to make.
Tonight's "How I met your mother," is called Slapsgiving. I can hardly wait.

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