Raw material and FO's


This is me being good and buying supplies for Christmas presents.

This is me being a bit naughty buying old issues with patterns I want to knit. I was using the rationalization that I'm helping my "localish" yarn store.

This is me being very bad buying fabric because it's pretty and because the corduroy haunted me last time I didn't get it. And I didn't have to buy any of it from JoAnns.

Frog approves of my green purchases

I have one Christmas present finished, Hooray! I give you the Koohaaus Hat in Shokay Shambala Yak down, which does feel divine. Everyone at work rubbed the hat on their faces as I watched in horror. Didn't know I have to tell people, "Please don't rub this on your face since it's a gift." The hat is soaking right now and turning the water into a nice Caribbean blue. Now I see why people like to knit hats as gifts. They go so fast. This one was done in four days. I plan on knitting a few more of this pattern in various other yarns.

Mom's Christmas socks would also be done today if I didn't, gasp, run out of yarn. My gauge seemed to get a little looser on the second sock and it sucked the yarn for the toe right up. Gonna have to buy another skein , or maybe two so I could make some short socks for myself with the left overs. Heee hee socks for me what a concept.

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