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I’ve had a very odd feeling lately, like there is something that I really want to be knitting but don’t know what that thing is. There are a couple of sweaters that seem interesting but I haven’t been able to get started. Swatching seems to be too much effort. Right now a second little elephant is on my needles to pass the time during commuting but it feels like a placeholder project. And now he's all done leaving my needles free.

Part of the problem could be the fact that the sewing machine has been eating up most of my time, with very little to show for it. After 8 years I’d forgotten how much of a pain it is to get patterns to fit right. Four pairs of test pants were made on Sunday, 3 of them too tight, the last way too loose. The only progress made was finding a better shape for the rise and a hunch of where to take out the extra width on the pattern.

The tangled yoke has been blocked but not well. It might be time to invest in a blocking board so that button bands dry straighter. Right now the curliness of the button bands is my weak excuse for shirking sewing on buttons. That and it hot enough that buttons don't seem all that important. Surprisingly great buttons for this sweater were found in the inherited grandma button stash. Thank God she bought boxes full of sewing supplies at auctions. It means this entire sweater is from stash. I'll feel virtuous until my brain remembers that a sweaters worth of yarn was bought at The Slip Knot. So much for stash reduction, doh!

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