Wonderful Weekend


It was a great weekend, here are Saturdays highlights.
Don't you love it when something is even better than what you hoped for. The opening of The Slip Knot was like that for me. I wish there were a couple pictures of the shop to show you but there was only one thing was on my mind (yarn). And the store did not disappoint, there was a giant corner of cascade 220 in all the colors of the rainbow. Other brands I re
member are Rowan, Claudia hand paint, some Jo Sharp tweed that was calling my name, and the Filatura Di Crosa Merino that did come home with me. The owners and sales people were very friendly and I heard them discussing yarn choices with some of the other customers. One of them even let a customer try on the sweater she was wearing. Another highlight was meeting some of the local Ravelers while fondling all that yarn. It was great fun and I "only" came home with a sweaters worth of yarn. (There were several sweaters worth of yarn calling my name.)

That would have been plenty of yarn fun for the day, but in the late afternoon came the distinctive slap of a large box against the screen door. Woooo hoooo Woolgirl sock club is finally here! The blog frog always helps me open these packages so he can get his paws on any candy treats. But boy where we delighted to discover that this sock club theme was....frogs! As I opened oodles and oodles of frog swag there might have been some tears of joy in my eyes. All that can be distinctly remembered was my husband muttering about people encouraging me in my frog addiction. Frog was overjoyed that the sock club was in his honor (we won't burst his bubble) and posed with all the goodies.

The frog goodie bag included, frog pencil and pad of paper, frog stickers, postcard, frog lollipop, a 1" x 1" gauge thingie with frogs on it, a very cute frog stitch marker, 2 plastic frogs and a calculator . The pretty yarn is Dashing Dachs in sport weight in the color Froggin. All I can say is Best Sock Club Theme Ever.

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  1. That is some gorgeous yarn! And isn't Slip Knot wonderful. I came home with a tank top's worth of a cotton/linen/silk blend. I'm also trying to fight the urge to stop there on my way back from a meeting tomorrow, which will *sort of* be in the neighborhood.


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