Hershey Gardens FO Edition


Even though it was gray and a bit rainy DH and I had a very enjoyable time exploring Hershey Gardens. I'm really impressed with their children's section which had lots of whimsical things for kids mixed with very beautiful and elegant plantings. The overall impression was that it was a fun area that wasn't the least bit dumbed down. Who ever designed it gets a big gold star.
Knowing that we would be visiting the gardens I'd gotten off my butt and finished sewing buttons on the tangled yoke and blocking Liesl earlier in the week. Both sweaters were then ready for their long awaited FO shots. My DH was kind enough to be my photographer again and caught some of the best sweater shots when I was unawares. Tangled yoke photos were taken in the children's garden, mostly in the butterfly house.

It might have been gray but my vamperic eyes still thought it was too bright.

Evidently classifying butterflies is hard enough that you have to mutter to yourself.

nd a nice back shot. The tangled yoke was knit in Rowan felted tweed, color gilt. Size 34 shown on model with 36" bust. The sweater actually blocked out to almost 35." You probably don't remember that I was grousing about the sleeve width way back here. My modification was to cast on 47 stitches and then increase half haphazardly until the sleeve was the prescribed 73 stitches right before it was joined to the sweater body. The rest of the sweater is modification free.

Liesl and I had a lot of problems during knitting (all the knitters fault) but the finished product was worth it. The specifics of the sweater; yarn Sundara aran silky merino in Charcoal over blue lagoon, size 38 on 36" bust.

You can see that using this yarn makes a smaller sized sweater which was fine for my tastes but might not be for you.

Instead of buttons Liesl is closed with a rhinestone pin from my collection. (Think the pin was a ebay purchase years ago)


  1. Beautiful sweaters!!!

  2. Both are absolutely lovely! I particularly like the Tangled Yoke in that gorgeous color. I probably wouldn't pick that color off the shelf, but yours is the second I've seen, and I just LOVE it! So perhaps some "gilt" is in my future, too.


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