The Knitter's block has landed


Saturday the mailman left two big packages for me on the porch. One of them was my long awaited knitters block which had been back ordered for a month or so. The other was my woolgirl sock club package which we'll talk about later.
I'd heard Julie talk about her cocoknits knitters block on Stash and Burn's podcast which sold me on trying one out. But I procrastinated until finishing the tangled yoke sweater which put us solidly in fiber festival season. The blocks were then back ordered till August, but I added my name to the list for when the next shipment came in. Now that the block has arrived and had a little test drive with the tangled yoke, how about a review?

This is the original size that comes with 9 twelve inch interlocking squares. The blocks have one side with a "fuzzy" finish, the other side is a rubbery finish. You can interlock the pieces in different configurations which is really nice. I could have used a few more blocks for a long sleeved sweater like the tangled yoke but Julie does sell a Large set with more blocks. T-pins slide in easily and hold to the blocks securely, just be careful if you move the block around because you can poke yourself with the pins poking through the back of the blocks. (Yes I did do this) One of the benefits of this block is that you can iron right on top of it. Using the cotton pressing cloth provided the button bands were steam pressed and it worked perfectly. The other thing I really like about the knitters block is that you're able to move it to several locations with a sweater pinned to it. When living in a tiny tiny apartment that's a big plus. Overall very pleased with this purchase, just should have bought the larger one!

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  1. When I first read your title, I thought you are getting Knitter's Block as in Writer's Block - you don't know what to knit! But thank goodness, you just got a new toy! Enjoy!


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