On and Off the needles


First up... what's off the needles is my 4th nakniswemodo sweater, Anna Bell's Cherry.
Slowly slowly, I am inching my way through all the finishing needed for a sweater knit in pieces. Boy does that process seem to take too long! Just to sew in two little sleeves took two Battle Star Galactica episodes and half of the commentary track. Ugh! Might be time to think about getting a yoke sweater on the needles.
Here's hoping that the end of next week this puppy has some buttons sewn on finally.

What's on the needles now.... a Twisted-V Pullover thanks to the good folks over at Knitting Daily who released this pattern gratis. This was super exciting since I'd seen this sweater photo in the Simple Style on-line preview and liked it. Then lo and below the pattern called for Zara and there was already a sweater's worth of this yarn in my stash. It was truly meant to be.
Mmmm twisted rib looks nice.

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