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Small March

It's mid March and once again I am part of the legion of unemployed. The last economic downturn taught me that small companies will lay off most of their QA department and this time I was ready. Emergency money fund... check, Emergency yarn stash... check, Resume updated... check, .... On husband's health care plan... check. Ahhhh I'm about as stress free as an unemployed person can be.

There won't be many yarn purchases now, but there are the two (already paid for) sock clubs to fill my mail box with new goodies. In fact I'm still enjoying just staring at the yarn from the February shipments.
A test
We are so pretty all together.

On the outsides Hazel Knits in Deep Peacock and Grape Harvest. Wendee also generously sent along some bamboo DPNs, a stitch marker, and nice laminated kitchener card. (Maybe some other stuff that I've already ingested. See what happens when you wait to long to blog)

In the middle from Woolgirl is Zen Yarn Garden Serenity sock with "the cashmere" in it baby! And booty lots of booty.

Barring any nasty weather there will be new sweater pics this weekend.

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