Summer of Dresses - 80's Flashback


Hello dress parade attendees, I'm sure I don't have to tell you about the dangers of Etsy. Some day you might find yourself trolling that site for wrap dresses without even knowing how you got there.  It happens right?  Someone on twitter mentions they like wrap dresses, you like wrap dresses, maybe Threads just had an article about wrap dresses.  All of a sudden you NEED TO BE MAKING ONE!
Anyway I "think" that's how this pattern got bought, it's all a little hazy now. Or maybe I've had too many parade beverages. No really, it's been long enough since I made this that all information has been deleted from my brain and replaced with song lyrics. It happens people.
This pattern is from the 80's which we are NOT calling vintage cause I was alive then and do not consider myself to be aged to vintage status. Let's just say Flashback....AHHH what am I doing in the 80's...wait wait, sweet dreams Are made of this.

Vogue "Very Easy, Very Vogue" 7526.  I bought my copy off of Etsy because I though the sleeveless version looked rather modern. Let's not talk about the sleeves on the other one.
Fabrics used
Green batik rayon from Steve's sewing in King of Prussia.  Was pleasantly surprised that the place I took the sewing machines for servicing also had fabric.  I'm a sucker for a subtle batik so this came home with me.

Pattern changes/alterations
This pattern came with 3 sizes 12,14,16.  The 16 was my actual bust measurement so I traced that and added ease to the waist and hip area.
1. The bodice had a very big bust dart so I reduced the dart intake from 3" to 2".
2. Then I added 1/2" to the side seams of both the front and the back bodice.  (This turned out to be a bit of overkill and I had to take in the side seams on the actual dress.)
3. The back dart was moved 1 3/4" closer to the side seam because it seemed to be in an odd location.
4. Added 5/8" to the side seams of the skirt.
5. The skirt was very long, I chopped 4" off before cutting the fabric and took another 1" before hemming.
6.  I overlapped the two bodice pieces not on CF but further over to give a little more coverage in the bust area. Not that it looks that way. There's a thread tack there too, I swear.

1. The pattern came with armhole facings but those things are the worst.  Instead I bias bound the armholes. As much as I hate sewing bias binding these actually turned out well.
2. The collar instructions were to make a small turned hem for the edges that do not get sewn into a seam.  I did this but have a sneaky suspicion that there is a better way to finish those edges.
3. Unlike the armhole facings, the neckline facings are not trouble in this dress.  With the giant collar covering most of the bodice you can tack them down just about anywhere.

Husband Comment
"That's well constructed and the neckline is nice as well you know."

My Final Thoughts
I bought this cause the reverse collar was snazzy looking and do think it looks cute in real life.  However I think it would look better on a person with a normal or long torso.  Just because a whole lot of visual interest gets put on the low bust which will indirectly highlight where your waist position is.  That caveat aside I do like this dress and think that rayon lent itself well to the design.  

Now all I need is an ironic 80's perm.....


  1. you are awesome

  2. Love it! I think I want this pattern now.

  3. This is beautiful! The sleeveless version is looks very current, and the fabric you chose looks killer with the design. (For the record, I've noticed that 90's styles and garments are being called vintage/retro too, and I object!)

  4. Va va voom on that neckline! By the way, can I put you in my pocket and take you home with me?

  5. Vavavoom!! I love the collar/neckline on this dress. Super sexy but zero trashy. Love it. I definitely wouldn't have pegged it as 80s. The fabric is perfect too.

  6. I agree... you are awesome. That's all I'm gonna say.

  7. The front and back collars are great and I love that it matches your shoes! Way to bring this design back to the modern times.

  8. Love, love the neckline on this and the color is fabulous! You are way too critical - your torso is just fine (and normal). When summer's over I'm really going to miss the parade. Maybe we can just break out the Bailey's and coffee and keep it going??

  9. This is real purdy on you lady! I kind of want to see an 80s Froggie sitting beside you, perhaps dressed in some bleached double denim or a blazer with rolled up sleeves. I bet he's got one of those. The colour looks fabtabulous on you and I would also like your shoes and bewbs. Send them NOWWWWW.

  10. Thank you kindly fashion diva. :)

  11. Thanks Lady K, I should have googled to see how available it is. At least it's not pricey!

  12. Thanks Morgan, we shall fight this vintage labeling of the 80/90's until we are as old as those decades!

  13. LOL! Yes, put me in your pocket and take me to magical Canada! But maybe I should change first cause my bewbs might get cold. :)

  14. Aww shucks Katie. I feel so classy now. :)

  15. Thanks Margo, not nearly as awesome as you. ;)

  16. Thanks Em, Couldn't pass on the flirty collar, no sir. I can take no credit for matching shoes, Go Target!!

  17. :) I will listen to you wise Shar and not be critical about my torso...much. :) Bailey's Fall dress parade! YESSSSS!!!

  18. Oh how I wish froggie did have such an outfit and maybe a Mohawk. Once I found the allen wrench that detaches my bewbs I will send them to you express. :)

  19. It has classic lines and doesn't look stuck in the '80s at all! Aside from that frizzed out hair on the envelope art, it's a great style. I love the fabric you picked, and once again, you matched your shoes! Fun swingy dress with matching swingy collar - it looks fun to wear!

  20. Thanks Brooke, it is pretty fun to wear. The collar kind of flips around while you're walking in a good way.


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