Thank You, Thank You!


Sewicalist are a generous bunch and I've had a lot of that generosity sent my way this summer.  I should have gotten this thank you post out long ago, but better late than never?  Sorry you all, I should stop sewing dresses and blog more. Bad blogger, less cookies....which segueways nicely with my first thank you.

1. Margo of Creating in the Gap gave me a Super Sweet Blogging Award.  Thanks Margo!
And here are my answers to the award questions:

Cookies or cakes? - This is like asking me to choose my favorite know if I had more than one.  Cookies get baked more frequently around here but I do love me a good cake.  I choose Cookie Cake!  Desmond agrees.

Chocolate or vanilla - I'm gonna stage whisper chocolate behind my hand. I don't want the vanilla extract to get uppity cause I need it for more cookies.

Favorite Sweet Treat - Brownies!  Or maybe chocolate chip cookies or maybe cake.  Ok my favorite thing is what's currently available to stuff in my mouth.

Sweet Nickname - My childhood nickname is Teddy Bear. Dawwwwwww GRRRRRRR!

2. I was drooling over the coral bow fabric Gertie has in her shop and Sonja of Ginger Makes volunteered to send me some that was in her stash, gratis! When the box arrived there was other stuff in there besides fabric....yarn and patterns, Oh My!  Thanks so much Sonja and my toddler thanks you for the box. (Frog is stealing that yarn isn't he?)

3. Sonja's box wasn't the only package that arrived in my mailbox last month.  Mrs. Crafting a Rainbow herself sent me a package just cause she's cool like that.  Gillian gave me some beautiful green double gauze, (yum yum) and a copy of the Sewaholic Cambie pattern.  Thank you Gillian, you're a doll.

4. And finally a big Thank You to Trice of Sew Tell who is also sending me some of her stash for free. She's hooking me up with some pretty flora dress fabric. Thank you Trice!

I've said before that the sewing community is awesome but it bears repeating.  You all rock!


  1. Congrats on the blogging award! And wow! you got some nice
    mail recently! It really does look like Frog is going to run off with that yarn
    - lol!

  2. Crazy nice mail, I'll get all spoiled and stuff. At least I hid the yarn from frog. I think he wanted to feather his nest.

  3. Yay for the blogging award! You're awesome Teddy Bear. :)

  4. Wow, great packages! I must admit though, I'm pretty jealous over that green double gauze!

  5. Wow, awards and loot! You must have been a very good girl this year. :) Congrats.

  6. They really are, sewcialst are so nice! Gillian really hooked me up good with some green. It's a color I don't have a lot of.

  7. Have I been good? Someone's gonna figure out I haven't and steal all my loot. ;) Thanks Catja.

  8. Heee hee GRRRR! I mean huggggggzzzz! Thank you Lelia!

  9. Congrats on the blog award and you are welcome

  10. :) I'm gonna do a little dance when your package arrives.


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