Just a quickie post to say I made a Grainline Studio Hemlock and then took goofy photos of myself in it.  It's a really simple pattern that you can serge together in a couple of hours.
My hemlock is the exact same measurements as Jen's but with my bigger body dimensions in it - Bust 38, Waist 34, Hip 42.5.
I did cut the sleeves down to 3/4 length, drop the neckline 1" at CF and make the neckband 1" larger than suggested. Cause I have to tweak patterns to get my kicks.
The fabric is some mixed animal print burnout I've had in the stash.  I'm wearing it with a black tank so as not to knock you over with my super sexiness...yeah that's it. But I will knock you over with my finger guns. Phew, Phew!
I think the hemlock is gonna be a cute layering piece with skinny jeans and jackets for the fall. Or maybe I'll just throw it on with some yoga pants for answering the door with the UPS man needs a signature. I wonder how he feels about finger guns?  Phew, Phew!!!

(P.S. Some other bloggers you know made hemlocks tees as well.  You might want to lurk around crafting a rainbow and threedresses for their take on this pattern.)


  1. I feel so much better now that I've had finger guns with my morning smoothie. :)
    Cute top too..

  2. I love this pattern - I have made three so far but I really like your lightweight fabric on this one !


  3. I love this pattern too. My first one went together like a breeze, but I've ripped the neckline out of my second one twice. It's a burnout fabric too and the thin fabric keeps bunching up when I sew on the neckband. I may end up just turning it under. Can I borrow your finger guns to show it who's boss?

  4. I really like this top on you!

  5. Thanks Em. Finger guns are the perfect way to start the morning. The fake scientific study I just made up in my head confirms it. ;)

  6. Thank you, sounds like you've been a hemlock making machine. They certainly are right on trend for the fall. :)

  7. Burnout can be a real tricksy fabric some times. Here take the finger guns and give it an offer it can't refuse.

  8. Thanks Laura, I think fitted tops are still the "best" look for me but it's fun to try something new.


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