Top 5 Misses of 2013


Uh Oh, time to air the list of grievances...I mean sewing misses. One of my favorite things to tell people is that muslins keep me from making mistakes garments. I do believe that's true up to a point, but no sewcialist is gonna get through the year without a few missteps.  Now let me don the "Ribbons of Shame."

1. Burda 102
Cool pattern, nice fabric, but they didn't work together at all. Turns out that a mid weight cotton is just too thick with all the seaming going on here.  I still like this pattern, but this dress should just go into the "circular file".

2. Gertie Lobster Shirtwaist.
To recap I thought up the idea for this dress while deep in the "pants fitting cycle of hate" and I might have been a little crazy.  The dress too out there for me to wear and not feel like everyone is looking at me and thinking WTF?  It's well constructed and those lobsters do make me smile, it just sits in the back of the closet. (Still totally worth making it for taking photos with Leila.)

3. Cordova Enforcer
Ummm this just doesn't go with anything I have in the closet. It should because blue and black are main colors in my wardrobe....but no.  It looks great in this pictures, right? Who knows.
Cordova Front 1

4. Tania Culottes.
This is another garment that just didn't get worn. I'd guess that my main problem is the length.  I feel comfortable with shorter lengths when wearing tights, but not in a summer bare leg situation. I'd rather keep my lily white "German" legs covered.

5. Simplicity 2443 the Tree Dress.
This is only a semi-miss because I did wear this garment out of the house several times.  However it always makes me feel fat.  I tell myself that my friends wouldn't lie to me and it looks fine.....and then I continue to feel fat. Oh gathered waistlines, I think you're just not for me.
Simplicity 2443 Tree Dress Front
Good news on the germ front - We are all enough recovered to enjoy Christmas.... it's a Festivus Miracle! *Snort giggle*


  1. I think the last dress could easily come off this list ~ it does look lovely on you, but nothing worse than not 'feeling-it' when wearing it! Enjoy your germ free Christmas ... J

  2. ...But, But that Cordova enforcer jacket is so great! Can't you just wear it with black pants and a black tee underneath, like you're wearing in the picture?

  3. Get out there in the lobster dress - the only thing odd about it is the people that don't 'get it'. Considering your amazingly huge output of makes only having 5 misses is fabulous!

  4. Shell from SewEnSowDecember 26, 2013 at 6:18 AM

    Some fantastic looking things in your misses! I love the lobster dress & agree, get out in it. And that jacket, so professional looking & the colour really suits you, maybe it could inspire some new items to wear with it?

  5. Totally hear you on the pasty leg thing--since I'm mostly half-German and half-everything-in-the-UK, and a quasi-redhead to boot, I just burn and therefore try to avoid letting my legs get sun as much as I can!

    Sorry to hear the tree dress was a miss for you, because I think it's so fun!

  6. I just don't get how you look fat in the tree dress, but I understand. Some things just make a woman feel that way. It is such a pretty dress and I think it looks great.

  7. You're right Judith, just felt I should do a list of 5 since I was almost there. :)

  8. I think the main problem with the Cordova is that it's too hot or too cold for the weather most of the time. I should bring it out in the Spring. :)

  9. It would be funny hanging out by the lobster tank at the grocery store in that dress. :)

  10. Maybe you're right about the jacket Shell. I do want to sew some black jeans which would go nicely.

  11. Hide the pasty legs, Becky! My legs used to tan too and then they just stopped. Happened to my Mom and sister, so it must be some weird gene.

  12. I think everyone agrees with you about the tree dress Laura. I also need a racer back bra to wear with it which is kind of annoying.

  13. I understand the discrepancy between 'feeling' and 'looking' fat in a dress. its funny how we can take 15 pics of ourselves in a dress, and find 15 different looks including fat and skinny. It comes down to how you see yourself and how you capture yourself in a reflection. That being said, I like the lobster dress. Quite frankly, I doubt that many people look closely enough to notice the lobster.
    I would, and I would probably *snort-giggle*

  14. Hahahaha, only you can have misses that are actually wins! Maybe you can wear your lobster dress for 4th of July when it's OK to dress a little goofy? It's just so cute! And I like the last dress, too!

  15. So true about the photographs. The stuff I take myself tends to look good or OK. Any random shot someone else takes I look blahhhhhh.

    I will think of you snort giggling about the lobsters now and giggle myself.

  16. I'm such a stinker with my misses. I like how you went general with you list and wished I'd thought of that. Maybe next year.


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