Nora - Beta version revamped


Thanks for all the feedback about blogging repeats everyone.  The consensus seems to be that it's fine in moderation and if the patterns are made up in different colors/fabrics. That's good because today's post also is a bit of a repeat. Just kind of repeat I'm more comfortable blogging about.

Remember the pattern mash up of Nettie and Flora, or the Nora as I liked to call it?  Well today I'm showing you slightly tweaked version of that pattern love child.  It's my Nora muslin revamped.
Most of you probably know that I'm a serial musliner.  It's my way of working out not only fit problems, but any dumb brain farts that might happen when I'm sewing a garment for the first time.  And let me admit that I still make A Lot of dumb mistakes when sewing. Enough that it's a tad embarrasing. Therefore it's no surprise that I whipped up a muslin of the Nora idea before cutting into the precious tree knit.  The knit muslin stores are a bit low at the moment, so I used the left over chuck of green polyester jersey from last summer's favorite dress.
The muslin Nora was close to being perfect but for a few things.  First the neckline was too low and secondly using a facing to finish the neck and armhole didn't work well. The only reason I'd put in a facing in the first place was that there wasn't enough fabric to cut a full self lining.  But whatever, it's just a muslin right? I threw the muslin in the corner and went off and made the "real" tree print version.

If I'd used some crappy knit that probably would have been the end of it.   Instead I keep starting at that pile of green knit thinking, "It's almost wearable and there are decently sized fabric scraps to work with. Why not use those problem solving brain cells?"
First bit of business was to rip out that crappy facing. Next I shortened the shoulder straps by about 1/2" to counter act some stretching and take care of part of the low neckline problem.  To further fix the depth of the necking I decided not to reinvent the wheel and used the Nettie neckband. Due to the width of my fabric scraps the neckband had to be made out of two pieces, but who's checking for extra seams at the shoulder anyway.  Now the dress wasn't too low cut, hooray! Why not continue with the theme and finish with some bands at the sleeves?
Yeah, I did put bands on the sleeves and it looked horrible! The proportions of the shoulder area were wrong for a banded sleeveless finish.  Hmmm, cut into the bodice blindly or put on some sleeves that would probably work? Sleeves it is then.  Due to my fabric scrap constraints the shortest sleeves in the pattern stash were chosen, the shortened skater sleeve used in this dress.

When I tried on this dress to check the sleeves it was instant love, just like the dress in this fabric last year. Oh my lord, the fabric is magical! Why hadn't I bought 10 yards of this fabric? What am I gonna do next year? Crap, need more magical fabric and or a time machine to buy more of this magical fabric.

For now I'm contenting myself with wearing this dress on a weekly basis. It goes with half of my Luxulite brooches and is comfy as all get out. Note to self, buy solid colored jerseys once in a while.  It's not a crime to have a layering base some times. Don't you agree Desmond.....Desmond?  (He just runs off to play with worms.)
P.S. I took these photos right off the "main drag" of my local town center. It was the first time that I had a lot of foot traffic and consequentially gawkers around while taking blog photos. So if I look kind of stiff or weird in these photos that's why. 


  1. Solids aren't that bad. hehehe And I love your Nora!! Love the low neck in front and back. And way to go taking pics with gawkers! You Rock!

  2. This dress is totally babealicious! I LOVE it on you! Fab color, and the cut and fit are just perfect!

  3. the green is definitely your color! looks fab! and yay for turning a muslin into something wearable. solids are so hard to buy, but man do they get worn a lot!

  4. Do you have any tips for doing a lining with knits? I've wanted to try it before, but get worried about the layers shifting around.

  5. Oh the colour - it's beautiful! And I am so glad you went back to this muslin, it turned out gorgeously! The pleats at the back of the skirt - wowsers! You are so inspiring - must get on with making a Nettie!

  6. it's lovely. the sleeves are so cute! and the green looks fab on you. also i am going to find out where you live and steal you luxilite brooch collection. and those miss l fire cherry shoes. and some of your fabric stash. and maybe catboy. definitely froggie.

  7. Love it! Cute little worm farmer there too.

  8. It is fabulous! It's such a happy day when you work round the bugs in sewing and end up with a winner of a dress! Solids are boring to buy but so good to wear, I need to pay more attention to solid fabrics.

  9. This is a really lovely colour on you. I hate having blog photos taken in public places, but there's just nowhere good in my flat, so I have to force myself to go out and just deal with it. It's probably character building or something :)

  10. This fits so well on you! That is a lovely green - reminds me that I have some greed knit sitting in a drawer. The neckline is lovely in front and back.

    Yes, gawkers can be distracting but you look great.

  11. The passer bys probably thought you were someone famous. The lipstick, sunglasses, pin, belt, shoes and an absolutely fabulous dress! For hours that day they debated where they had seen you before.

    Ps - it looked fabulous at Ivy's party. And super comfy... Even if the convo involved some awkward "jokes".

  12. I bet they loved it when I took a worm hunting break. LOL


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