Dress Up Party


Have you ever tackled a pattern that you should have left well enough alone? One that you were pretty sure wouldn't work with your figure, but decided to sew anyway because it looked great on other people? Yeah we've probably all been there once or twice.
Last month I made this mistake when sewing a dress for Sara's "Dress up Party" series. It was one of those, "seems like a good idea at the time" ideas that snowballs into a project that fights you every step of the way.  Oh pretty eyelet, why did you have to be so bad? Read my entire sordid story about Colette's Hawthorn over on Sew Sweetness blog.  


  1. I like this dress on you but totally understand how it just doesn't work out.

  2. Thanks Lori. I guess all our sewing projects can't be home runs. :)

  3. This dress looks beautiful - but I hear you - mine was a bit of a fitting nightmare too!


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