More Stash Busting Contest Makes


I promised/threatened to do another post of all my PR contest makes, so let me show you what else the frog powered sweatshop cranked out.  We had to close the sweatshop up a little early thanks to a freak storm that blew out our power for a few days.  Now that power is back on, we find ourselves only interested in laying in front of the air conditioning and surfing the internet. Oh internet, never leave again.

We still cranked out a lot of clothing during the middle of the month, including another Advance 9441 that will get it's own post. Mainly because I took so many pictures and can't whittle them down to one. So you have that pic heavy post to look forward to.  For now feast your eyes on a plethora of tops and a few bottoms that are no longer stashed fabrics.

1. Comino Cap
Finally decided I was keeping this yard of mermaid jersey for me. Sorry/Not sorry kids in my life. No changes to this baby, just hot pink mermaid goodness.

2. Maison Fleur 1301 Top View 2
This was supposed to be another version of View one, but the cotton sateen seemed a bit too thick for shoulder ties.  No worries, it's easy to convert the top to view 2 mid project.  All you need to do is cut off the ties on the back an put some buttonholes in the front ties.  A few self covered buttons were added to the front for a decorative element.

3. Nettie with cap sleeves and gathers.
Somehow I didn't make a short sleeve black Nettie last year. What! Well that oversight must be fixed immediately.  To spice the pattern up I added a few minor tweaks. First the normal Nettie short sleeve was swapped out with a cap sleeve that I'd drafted way, way back for the Fauxneta.  Second I gathered up the CF with a 1/4" x 1.5" piece of black elastic.  Easy, Peasy.

4. Edith and Self Drafted circle skirt
Yep, I really like the Edith pattern and keep adding them to my closet. More prints! More Colors!  And what could be better for summer than a sea themed vintage cotton version? Nothing! After that was finished, I decided to sew another self drafted circle skirt for a snazzy new outfit.

5. Several pairs of Barrie Briefs.
At long last a use for those Lillestoff remnants that are too big to throw away! I've been sewing the mid rise version because I'm turning onto an old lady who likes her underwear bigger and bigger.  They have excellent "check coverage" for those of us with plenty of junk in the trunk. I'll be sewing up a least a week's worth and while chackling with delight.

The stash busting contest was a fun challenge and did make me sew up more yardage than I normally do.  Nothing like a good dose of competition to get one cranking out all those things on the sewing list.  Still I'm looking forward to July, using new fabrics and not feeling guilty about picking up my knitting.


  1. Lots of great separates! I've had the Edith blouse since it was released. I even cut one out... why of why haven't I made it?? It's so cute on you & I love sleeveless blouses!

  2. I love all your tops! OF COURSE.

  3. I blame those fun Japanese pattern books for distracting you. :) Edith doesn't take too long to sew up so I'd highly recommend fitting on into your sewing queue.

  4. Haa haa! I've brainwashed you into liking all my stuff. ;) Thanks man!

  5. I love the colour and details of that Maison Fleur top.

  6. Thanks man, it was just a small remnant left over from some pants. Nice to find a use for it.

  7. All of the tops are fabulous, but I will admit to being quite taken with that mermaid top! I would certainly make one of those up for myself, too! Can't like the little ones have all the cool fabrics!

  8. Yes! Us adults need cute mermaid shirts too. :)

  9. I love that mermaid top - it's awesome!! Every time I see one of your Edith blouses I wonder "why am I not making that?!?!?". I must get on it! I finally took a stab at the Barrie Briefs too, and my husband lovingly nicknamed them my granny panties. Maybe I should try the low rise. LOL

  10. Your husband is right but I love wearing granny panties so help me god. My daytime ones are from Rago and are even bigger than Barrie Briefs. ;)


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