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It's still hot as blazes here in Pennsylvania, the sweating in your house sort of hot. The forecast is low 90's - high 80's for the next two weeks and I'm sort of tempted to ignore the fact that it's September and sew another summer garment. All that chiffon in the stash is still waiting.
Speaking of summer garments, let me just say a big thank you to everyone who participated in the Sundress Sew-a-long. As always I'm just delighted that anyone wants to sew along with little old me. Then I get the added bonus of looking at everyone's completed dress pictures. So many beautiful dresses, you are ALL amazing! (A couple of you might find you dresses missing and replaced with a bag of was the frogs idea.)

I'd probably be tracing off another short sleeve dress right now if it wasn't for my lizard brain. It's noticed that the daylight hours are getting shorter and has been complicating matters by screaming for Fall clothing. "PLAID, we need more PLAID!!! Maybe some corduroy and anything with apples on it. For god sakes women it's September!" Umm OK, but it won't be cold for at least another month. Don't you want to sew some florals? Lizard voice - "NOOOOO PLAID!"  Woah, Woah, just calm down there. How about we do some Fall planning instead? Hey look, it's time for the Fall Essentials Sew-Along again. Let's do that.

Some of you may remember that I did this sew-along last year and actually sewed/knit at least 3/4 of the things that were planned. That's a pretty good result for someone who gets distracted by new projects pretty easily. Now I'm not implying that I will be such a good sewist this year, because there are less real wardrobe holes to fill.  I'm back to "sewing according to my whims" status after having been in, "Need clothing to actually cover by body," for about a year. That seems to be how long it takes to resew/buy a new wardrobe after losing a dress size or two. Right now garment planning is more about trying to pair stashed fabrics with patterns than anything else. 

Fashionable Foundations
1. Wearing History Smooth Sailing Trousers.  I might have talked Lelia into making a similar pair of trousers last year and haven't stopped thinking about having some myself. Then a girl can pretend to be Katharine Hepburn and say witty things to Cary Grant. Be cool if I could also put some "cheek bones that will cut glass" on order.
Thanks to a local sewing store closing, the stash has yards and yards of navy wool suiting which will now become a pair of these pants. Maybe about 5 other things too.

2. Toying with making another Betsy pencil skirt out of black pleather. That might be a little too cool for my wardrobe. Maybe that's why all the pleather has been sitting around for 4 years. Pretty soon it's going to get itself adopted by someone who doesn't think a hot Saturday night is watching PBS and drinking tea.

Chic Chemises
1. Sew Over it Anderson Blouse.  I already have this one nearly completed because the pattern would not stop dancing around in my brain. "Pretend you're Gillian Anderson without the red hair or talent." I can manage that!  The blouse being sewn up in this stashed double georgette. Meanwhile I'm practicing my, "Don't make me hit you upside the head Mulder," type stare.

Fabulous Frocks
1. The Wiggle dress from Gertie's first book has been on my mental sewing list...since the book came out. I've been waiting for it to appear fully formed in my closet, but for some reason this isn't happening. Did my husband trap all the sewing mice?  Or did they unionize and decide to sew mouse sized clothing?  Did Froggie send them on an overseas trip because they were eating too many of his cookies? Whatever the reason it seems I have to sew this pattern all by myself.

Underneath it All
Remember this vintage slip pattern? Still wanna be wearing it, but still haven't sewn it. Froggie, get me a fluffy powder puff immediately. 

Tender Tootsies
Just like last year I have some wool socks on the needles that could be finished in this time period. Or they could sit there for a few more months while I cackle madly in the sewing area. Froggie's currently taking bets on the outcome.

Those Cozy Nights
Not planning to make any sleepwear this year unless some knits jump on the serger themselves. Stranger things have happened.

Baby It's Cold Outside
Last year I entered a weird groundhog day situation where I was always knitting a red beret but it never was finished to satisfaction. This year the goal is to finish the sew-along with berets on my head. No particular patterns or colors have been chosen yet because it's 95 degrees and I can't even think about it. Now an ice pack holding vest, I could get on board with that.

Those are all my fall sewing/knitting plans at the moment. I'm sure that new items will pop on the list as the weather cools or new patterns appear before my eyes. It's also possible that I'll find myself suddenly cutting out a sundress and this list will get tabled. All that's certain is that there is ice cream in my future. Nom, nom, nom.

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