Fat Tuesday - pass those donuts


Hey the month is almost done!

On one hand I'm glad the month is almost gone because the budgeted yarn money has been spent and a new Twist collective will go up soon. But on the other hand I like February for being a short month. It always makes me try to change some bad habits because "it's only 28 days". March is also number 2 on my list of months that suck. No reason other than its a long month of gray cold weather, usually with plenty of mud.

As far as bad habits it was time to adhere to a budgeted amount of money for yarn, what with jobs being shaky. After careful consideration the budgeted yarn purchase was some cashcotton (on sale!) for an Apres Surf Hoodie.
It feels good not to have the guilt of spending some of the "house" money on extra yarn.

The second goal to eat less sugar has had mixed results. I was able to lose that extra after Christmas weight making my clothing uncomfortable. Yeah! But I've had a bit of a falling off the wagon this last weekend making snicker doodles and then binging on the delicious Fat Tuesday donuts brought into work. Would you believe the frog made me do it? Cookies are his favorite.

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