The urge to go to the local LYS and fondle some yarn got big enough that it seemed a good idea to indulge it. Yarn money and list of possible new sweater projects in hand, I went up there on Saturday with the strict rules to only buy yarn that wanted to be knit right away. What's the good of knitting up some stash if you're going to immediately fill up that empty space. (Ok that wouldn't have bothered me that much but I'm running out of storage space.)

My local LYS owner and other employees are always friendly and helpful and I enjoy getting the what's new tour when it's been a couple weeks since my last visit. But there is always this awkward bit where someone pulls out some pattern books or a store sample and says, "Oh, don't you just loveeeee this." Nine times out of 10 this item put before me is completely the opposite of my taste so that it falls into the "no way in hell would I ever knit that."

But of course I was raised to be polite so my reply is usually, "Oh that is interesting, or How Funnn". Once over some pattern books the owner caught me out and said, "Now what is wrong with this." And all I could come up with was, "Ummm it's not really my style." To which she said something like, "Oh come on, you'd love it!" This week they showed me a felted purse that had an unsettling resemblance to a cow udder. No teats mind you but it had these bulges which reminded me of teats. Not sure if my replies that it was nice fooled anyone.

After that it was an enjoyable time of paging through the new Rowan magazine and fondling some yarn. Some of those spring cardigans with color work flowers are catching my fancy. But do I want to knit cotton that much? Hmmm must mull that over further.

In the end I was good and left with the Amber pattern book and some buttons for the red cardigan. Mmmmm red.

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