Limping to the Finish


It took some effort but I was able to wrestle myself away from the siren red cardigan and make an effort to finish up the nearly done sweaters.

CPH is finally stitched together, even though mattress stitching always seems like it's coming out wrong. An non knitter will probably think it looks fine. As you can see it's sitting around drying from it's second block. The button bands and hood seemed to be pulling in more than the body pieces that where blocked already.

When it's dry (3 days from now) these buttons will be sewn on, then it will finally be done.

Here's me doing an I-cord bind off for Ophicleide completely wrong. Thanks to the internet I figured out my error. Not before finishing the entire bind off once, of course. That's OK, at least the bind off wasn't finished so it was easy to pull the string and start over again.

And there was freshly baked cinnamon bread to take the edge off. Yum Martha Steward, your recipes have 100 steps the the result sure is tasty.

1 comment:

  1. Your blue Ophicleide is looking just gorgoues. What a great color! I love doing i-cord bind-offs. So much fun.


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