A Little Trip into the City


Even though we live a 30 min train ride from Center City Philadelphia I never really go into the city. (Rather I never get off the train, my work commute takes me through every day) I'm high population adverse and saw all the historical areas/museums as a kid. But my husband has no such aversions and does like to plan a trip downtown every once and a while. He won two free tickets to see the Dark Knight at IMAX so this Saturday turned into one of those trips.

First Stop - Di Bruno Brothers. This is the cheese section in the back.

Here's my husband investigating the fancy smacey mustard area.

Mmmm yes he's going to go with a Russian sweet and spicy one. (Seriously like that Chefs chops in the background.)

Because my husband is a sweet heart the second stop was Rosie's Yarn Cellar.
I'd never been to any of the down town yarn stores so it was fun to go squeeze some yarn in a new location. That dongal tweed was very tempting.

A wall of pretty Alpaca

Knowing that we had to hull our purchases around for a few more hours I was a model of restraint and only bought a skein of Manos and the newish hand painted socks pattern book.

Then it was time for food, on to Devils Ally.
My husband says they just slapped a roof on the Ally and turned it into a Resturant. Being a profession planner he was just tickled pink of this creative use of open space.
He also recommends the Lion Winter Warmer beer. Says it was the best tasting beer he's ever had.

Not being a beer drinker I preferred the Quesadillas.

Last stop the Franklin Institute to see our movie on the big Big screen.
I've been here many times but you got to say hi to Frank.
We got nice seats and pulled out our Di Bruno bothers chocolate bars and had a good old time. For me IMAX is almost too big of a screen to watch a movie on but the men like it. All in all it was a fine day and I was back at home by bedtime. Not bad for a day on the town.

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