Oh Oh Ophicleide


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Out of all the types of sweater construction a yoked cardigan is my favorite. Now that my own Ophicleide is done I'm still in awe of the beautiful yoke Kamicha designed. Some people are super talented.

The long and short of it is that this pattern is not hard to follow, but it does require a little concentration at the beginning. Starting it during a weekend when visiting bunch of family, one of them an energetic young'in, isn't the best idea. Pair that with a day where counting stitches seems beyond your IQ and your family gets to watch a lot of frogging.
cropped O
If I had been home Ophicleide would have been set aside until a good brain day. As it was I packed only 2 projects and had already finished the first. So I chose the only sane thing to do, knit while playing confusing German children's board games. (The way knitters are obsessed with yarn is how my brother and sister-in-law are about board games. We all have our crazy hobby.)
O full length
Knit in Sublime Extra Fine Merino with the 3/4 sleeve option in the pattern. Closed with 5 hook and eyes on the yoke. A sweater that is delightfully comfortable and pretty at the same time. Hmmm almost sounds like a J Peterman ad.
O front


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. I love that color.

  2. I agree that we should all have crazy hobbies - it's a sanity break from the real world, though your frogs & Steve also give you quite the break...

    Also, you deserve to hoard more yarn - you need at least one skein for each of our 267 games!

    Love ya!

    (That's Brother-in-law for other readers, a term my Broil Steve made up.)


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