Secret Swap Knitting Reveled


A nice post about the knitting that was done for the 3 round of the loopy ewe swap refuses to be written. (You'd laugh if you knew how many hours I've spent trying to write about these socks) So how about some pretty pictures.

Oooooo Hazel knits colors.... Laguna to be exact.

Boy do those twisted stitches pop

Hmmm Mr. Crab appears to be compelled to pose next to colors that sound like bodies of water.
R detail

Some things about this pattern need to be said:
1. Leg diameter - Using a heavy fingering with my normal loose tension resulted in a comfortable sock that fit over my non skinny leg. Using a thin fingering resulted in too narrow of a sock leg. If you're a tight knitter a forth pattern repeat would probably be a good idea.

2. Wraps - A few of the wraps overlap the start of the round, so you'll need to start knitting the wrap 3 stitches for you start round 2. It's easy to miss this on the chart until you get to the end of the round.

3. Heel Turn - The one in the pattern seemed very shallow. I replaced it with a normal one from another sock pattern and the socks turned out fine.

4. Don't Worry - Despite the items above I didn't find the sock to be all that hard. Once the wraps were figured out the chart knitting when surprisingly fast. The foot is only following the twisted stitches already set up, so turn on a DVD and go on auto pilot.

My swap partner Tracey made a beautiful mosaic over here in the loopy ewe thread. So glad she liked it!

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