Lounging Around - Maria Denmark Lounge Pants


We interrupt self proclaimed "Button Down March" to bring you lounge pants.  Cozy, cozy lounge pants.  This pattern is courtesy of Maria Denmark and is a steal at $5.20. (Less than that if you're a PR member and get it though their site).

Might used the "I saw it first" rule and stole from the kids fabric stash.  A 2 year old isn't gonna appricate fangy clouds like I will.

As with all pants patterns I took one look at the rise and said, "Well that's not gonna cover my all the junk in the truck," so the following changes were made...
Starting with a size XL
1. Dropped crotch 2 1/2" on both front and back.
2. Added 1" to the top of the back crotch at CB.

After sewing a pair up I found that the waistband was too loose and that the pants needed a tilted waist alteration. Took off the waistband and...
3. Cut down the front of the pants 1 1/2" at CF which was blended out to nothing at the side seams.
4. Took the pants in about 1/2" at CB and trimmed the waistband down the same.

Reattached the waistband and the pants were perfect!  Which is good because all my RTW knit pants are falling apart at the seams.

Front View
Back view showing the waistband.  I used a 1x1 rib knit with elastic inside of it.  If you had a knit with good recovery you could skip the elastic step. Mine did not have enough lycra content for that.
But what I really like to do in my lounge pants is read my comics.  Oh Gambit, what trouble have you gotten into this time?  


  1. I love those fanged clouds! Plus comics? Nerd bonus points! And you match your bedspread: Level up!

    1. Nerd Alert, Nerd Alert! I'm gonna say it, Reading comics in bed, it's what Gambit would have wanted. :)

  2. What a great pants pattern; they're flattering and look super comfy. (I think I'm going to have to go buy the pattern now.) And I lovelovelove the fangly clouds!!

    1. Thanks Gretchen! You should go buy it, everyone needs lounge pants.


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