Silks for the Archer Sew-a-long


In preparation for the Archer Sew-a-long, the silk stash was tossed and several likely candidates appeared.  I'm having trouble deciding, so which one do you like the best?*  All silks are crepe de chine and have plenty of yardage for a button down.

1. Black/Green/Taupe Feathers.

2. Dealtry + Wiksten print from Spoonflower.

3. Skulls, flowers, harnesses extravaganza.
* I retain the right to pick something not even shown here. ;)


  1. Haha. I like one and two but I think two is my favorite. Very nice unique prints!

  2. I agree with EmSewCrazy. 2 is the hands down winner to me.


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