March Begins with Button Downs


It's only the 4th day of March and I already have at least 5 sewing projects planned for the month.  Send help, or maybe someone to explain that space/time can not be folded like in Dr. Who.
Random stack of fabric.
Right now I'm working on two button down shirts in tandem.   First a second McCall's 5138 out of some stashed linen that was earmarked for this project. Since I'm all about entering PR contests right now, this one is for the fitted blouse contest. I'm hoping that this TNT pattern will be a quick sewing project. (Famous Last Words)
Linen in the front. Original shirt in the back.

Second shirt is a Grainline Studio Archer cause Jen is great and I can not resist her patterns.  Can Jen quit her real job and make me more patterns?  No?
You will be mine, my pretty.

I've planned a couple of posts on the Archer shirt since it's new and will need my standard fitting changes.  Not sure if I'll get my version done before the official Archer sew-a-long starts but either way it will be fun.


  1. Yay for button downs :) You have FIVE things planned? I plan five things, and manage 1, 2 if I'm lucky!! It's a constant battle :) Looking forward to seeing how your Archer turns out!

    1. Pretty sure that I won't be able to get 5 things done this month. Especially since one of them is a pair of woven pants. But my brain does like to plan projects. :)

  2. It's too bad that the whole bending of space and time thing doesn't work-- I could use a little timey-wimey magic right now, because I feel like I'm running out of time to get my dress done! (Also, TARDIS fabric storage. Enough said.)

    1. Awwww Man, TARDIS fabric storage would be the bomb.


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