Fall Sewing Continued


It's fall clothing catalog time which means several happy hours spent flipping through pages deciding what to get for the coming season. This year it's more like deciding what to knock off which is pretty fun too. One thing that caught my eye was this super cute blazer from Boden.
I like their happy models

Marinating in the stash was some dark green corduroy that had been purchased about this time last year from Fabrications in Kennett Square. (Now closed and oh how it is missed) I'd purchased the fabric planning on making a jacket out of it but had gotten no further than that.
Off I went to the Burda World of Fashion magazine stash looking for a jacket that was somewhat similar and struck gold.
From issue 3/2009 pattern #111
Notched collar - check, 3 button closure - check, patch pockets with button flaps- check! Just add sleeve vents and we're in like flint.

Cord jacket front
Oh green corduroy, you are so pretty

I modeled the sleeve vents after some of my RTW jackets. On the pattern an extra rectangle was added to the lower side seam of both the upper and lower sleeve. On the upper sleeve the rectangle is folded over to finish the edge. On the lower seam it makes up the extra allowance needed for the vent. Real button holes were put in the top vent but were not cut open. The buttons where then sewn on top of the button holes going through both piece of the sleeve so that the vent was sewn closed. The lining looks like a regular 2 piece sleeve and covers up all the raw edges of the vents.

Cord Jacket Side

Some outside photos so details can actually be seen. To bad a neighbor has a bunch of crap in the background. :P

Cord Back

Cord front outside
All and all a successful knock off of the catalog version. Thanks Burda for making this one easy. If your interested in any more comments on this pattern my review is over here.

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  1. I just found your blog via your review on this jacket on patternreview. I love the jacket. I also love finding new sewing blogs. You are a fantastic seamstress and you knit too!!! I also sew and am teaching myself to knit.


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