It's fall in my mind


OK I'm just going to come out and say it, I am a summer hater. Swimming, sun bathing, the beach, summer group picnics where volley ball must be played....loath these activities and locations. And out of all the summer months August is the worst. When ever this month comes around I just grit my teeth and station myself in front of the air conditioning unit.

So to keep my mind off of the fact it is August, I'm embarking on sewing a bunch of fall clothing and picking out a new fall knitting pattern. Hopefully these diversions will whittle away the time until we can comfortably don our sweaters and drink a cup of hot apple cider. (Just typing sweater + hot apple cider fills me with joy)

While I definitely plan on making some apple cider drinking clothes (Corduroy jacket and plaid wool skirt) I won't be drinking cider with the first completed fall dress. It's more like a "sipping a cappuccino while sitting at an outdoor cafe" kind of dress.
Half Shot with Black Belt
A JoAnn's 3.95 sale on Vogue patterns made me go with Vogue 8413 to make up the lovely Charcoal Chinchilla from Tessuti fabrics. The results are highly pleasing.

A few detail shots
Vogue 8413 Sleeve Detail
A little puff at the top of the shoulder

Vogue 8413 Front Pleat Detail
A close up of the skirt pleats

Vogue 8413 Inner Construction
A glimpse of actually tidy insides! (This rarely happens)

And finally one last full view
Full view with Red Accessories
If you are a sewer I've reviewed this pattern here on pattern review. I think it's a winner.


  1. I'm with you! Summer is not my season. Love the dress. I'm dreaming of cozy woolly sweaters for fall -- apple picking, leaf walks, cider sipping, all that jazz.

  2. You are looking super gorgeous.!! I adore your dress! Its perfect with the belt and those fabulous shoes.

  3. Well I love summer and could enjoy it year round. But fall is nice to and have begun the fall sewing. Seeing your dress mentioned on another blog got me pointed to your blog. Lovely dress. I have this pattern and plan to dig it out as your dress has inspired me. Very pretty dress and fits you well.


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