Cream for the Lactose Intolerant


A couple of months ago I was at the LYS rummaging through the baby yarn section and my hands touched Kollage's Creamy Yarn. Once my fingers touched the creamy loveliness they would not let go. Then it became a situation where the yarn had to be purchased since I'd been manhandling it for a half hour. (These are odd rules that I made up in my head)

No worries though I'd had my eye on the Essential Tank in "Custom Knits" for some time. Using alpaca to make a tank wouldn't work for me, but creamy was a similar gauge and also come in a natural color. Since Creamy is pretty expensive only having to buy enough to make a tank was an added bonus.

Pattern details
-My loose ass knitting made Creamy match the pattern's gauge exactly. I cast on the size 36 and the finished product was near the measurement of the schematic.
- Other Ravelry users said the length was a bit short so an extra inch was added before starting the bust increases.
- Originally I knit the neckline as described in the pattern but found it was not a flattering shape for me. It also made the front look too narrow. I decided to get creative and use a little steeking like techniques to lower the neck line. The knit on finish for the neck was unraveled. Then using a tank I had a new neckline was traced in with pins. Then matching thread was put in the sewing machine and the new neckline stitched over. I cut semi close to the stitch line to make sure the yarn wasn't going to unravel. The machine stitching held up fine so then I picked up and knit on a new neck finish. Hooray for short cuts!

I might not be able to drink milk anymore but at least I can wear it. And it's delicious.


  1. I like your milky style. You got it going on.

  2. Nice tank, and it looks great with the necklace and hair. I had no idea you could do that with the neckline (not sure I understood it but it sounds interesting)


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