Where does the time go?


This week started off busy, tending to a sick husband and then traveling to Maryland for a stash reduction visit with my grandmother and mom. (It was stash reduction for my grandmother by redistributing it to mom and me, sigh) The rest of the week was lost watching the new Dr. Who series while sewing and ripping, sewing and ripping again.
Most of that ripping was on Vogue 1072
I got some beautiful jersey from emmaonesock.com a couple weeks ago and thought it would be perfect for this pattern.
When it took me over an hour to cut the 5 pattern pieces out I should have stopped right there. It should have been obvious that the old brain wasn't working on all cylinders but noooo must be productive with my free time.

As instructed I put seam tape in the shoulder seams and that turned into a lumpy mess. It took a few more times to get something that looked semi decent. If I thought that was bad, stitching the neck edge was even worse. The top stitching was ripped out a least 5 times and my twin needle broke in the process. After that there was more user error trying to get the belt and skirt basted to the top. After the pieces were assembled I tried it on and realized the side seams needed to be taken in a bunch and it needs clear elastic along the neck edge to prevent gaping. So the whole thing will be disassembled and tried again another day. At least the fabric is still in good shape.

The more successful project of the week was making summer pj's. I used the pajama pattern from the book "Weekend sewing" but used some cute ribbed knit prints instead of woven fabric. The leg length was shortened to mid calf and the tapered leg straightened a bit.
Flowers print from Fabric Hound, Elephants from Fabric Fairy.
With those changes I could get a pair of pants out of one yard of 60" wide fabric. This totally gives me the excuse to buy more kids prints for me!

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