A Few Pics from New Castle Delaware


My husband likes to visit towns especially if they have an historic area where you can meander around staring at buildings. He heard about New Castle Delaware from a co-worker and decided it was time for an outing.
The highlights for me were the garden at Read House.
This part of the garden is from a Victorian family that lived in the house after the Read's had to sell it. I love the arbors and hydrangea. We took the house tour as well which was interesting but no photos allowed in there.

Down on the river walk was a bridal party taking pictures and the bride had a bright salmon color dress. I couldn't get a good shot of her but here she is tiny.
This dress was so fun and cute on her that it made me smile.

Lastly the two of us had a delicious dinner at Jessop's Tavern. Everything we ate there was soooo good but I really can't get their peach cobbler out of my mind.

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